About Me

Although I’m ashamed to admit this, I’d always been a bit clueless about life and the world in general. I sort of recklessly moved to the UK for love at the age of 21 and married very shortly after. Depression and severe homesickness drove me to move back home and shortly after that move, I found out I was pregnant. I was ready to face the world and try to make it on my own but having a baby changed all of that. I thought I couldn’t sink any lower, but I reached a place in my life I thought I’d never be in. It’s extremely humbling. I find myself working from the very bottom up to try to make a decent life for my daughter, who is the one and only person who has ever truly brought me any real joy.

This blog is to catalog my life journey, with countless and seemingly endless struggles along the way. In my personal posts I bare a lot in here that I normally wouldn’t disclose to people, so there is a lot of honesty that makes me cringe when I type and read over what I type. I guess this is a form of therapy for me! Throw in some random weird thoughts and the rantings and ravings I happen to have almost daily about almost everything to make it just a bit amusing. At least that is what the little, tiny look-on-the-bright-side part of me tries to keep in mind.


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